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garden tips secrets to growing onions leeks and garlic - leeks are much easier to grow than onions partly because they don t produce a bulb that you need to worry about plant by seed or seedling grow over the winter and harvest as you need them, onion leek shallot garlic home garden information - onions and the related shallots leeks and garlic all grow best during cool weather and are usually planted in the fall in south carolina for late spring harvest onion plants can also be planted in early spring for summer harvest leeks are planted in late summer or early fall for winter harvest, onions leeks and garlic a handbook for gardeners w l - onions leeks and garlic a handbook for gardeners offers the first comprehensive carefully researched source of scientific and practical information for the gardener professional market grower supplier or nursery, garlic leek and onion garden herbs - the principal internal effects of the onion the leek and garlic are stimulation and warmth so that they are of more salutary use when the subject is of a cold temperament and when the vital powers are feeble than when the body is feverish and the constitution ardently excitable, growing garlic onions and leeks in the home garden - indeed onions and garlic will produce pleasant but small flowers if allowed to grow to maturity how to grow onions leeks and garlic this onion group generally follows a similar pattern of growth with seeds being sown in the spring and rapid growth occurring through the warmer months, how to tell spring onions leeks and green garlic apart - the green part of the garlic and leeks both form the same v shape when cut crosswise and the leaves of both have a kind of left right fan structure so that s no help either you have to use your nose scratch n sniff the green garlic will smell like garlic, dry bulb and green bunching onion garlic and leek - 185 dry bulb and green bunching onion garlic and leek onion and leek preplant n for mineral soils 70 pounds n per acre broadcast or applied to bed before planting for transplanted crops or half broadcast preplant and half, tips on growing onions shallots leeks and garlic - if you can overlook the inevitable bad breath there are many reasons to fill your gardens with alliums onions garlic shallots and leeks, a plain language guide growing fresh market onions garlic - onion or garlic flavor comes from an enzyme that acts with sulfur in the soil and makes sulfur compounds in the plant these sulfur compounds are anti microbial and anti fungal and give onions medicinal value eating raw onions helps thin the blood onions garlic and leeks have been used in cooking for at least 4000 years in middle asia, 10 best fried leeks and onions recipes yummly - the best fried leeks and onions recipes on yummly fried leeks with bacon and parmesan and onion confit vinaigrette leek soup without potatoes recipe potato carrot and leek soup onions garlic vegetable stock potatoes red pepper leek olive oil and 2 more