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political positions of bernie sanders wikipedia - mike konczal an economic policy expert at the roosevelt institute also characterizes sanders positions as social democracy rather than socialist noting that social democracy means support for a mixed economy combining private enterprise with government spending social insurance programs keynesian macroeconomic policies and democratic participation in government and the workplace all of which are a part of sanders platform, the economics of bernie sanders mises institute - bernie sanders is an economic nationalist and economic nationalism was at the heart of european fascism but we do not want to make unwarranted accusations against sanders either at the same time i do not want to let sanders off the hook, bernie sanders on economic inequality feelthebern org - bernie sanders on economic inequality the main goal of bernie sanders decades long career in politics has been to address the root causes of economic inequality because as he has stated the middle class of this country over the last forty years has been disappearing in order to address this bernie advocates policies that get at the root causes of these inequities, bernie sanders economic policy a vote for what - how radical is bernie sanders the self declared socialist likes to remind voters that many of his policies say on health care or on paid family leave simply copy most of the rest of the, bernie sanders 10 ways to mess with the economy forbes - over at salon they ve got a little list of the joys that bernie has in store for us 10 ways bernie sanders would make the economy work for everyone well sure ok we d all like that, on the issues income and wealth inequality bernie sanders - wealth and income inequality is the great moral issue of our time the great economic issue of our time and the great political issue of our time, bernie sanders official site - trump s top economic adviser says federal minimum wage is a terrible idea burlington vt nov 1 in an interview with the washington post on thursday donald trump s top economic adviser larry kudlow said my view is a federal minimum wage is a terrible idea, bernie sanders will make the economy great again the nation - sanders s economic agenda certainly represents a dramatic departure from what has come out of mainstream democratic party circles for a generation to say nothing of course of the republicans, sanders details economic agenda for america senator - sanders details economic agenda for america tuesday december 2 2014 washington dec 2 sen bernie sanders i vt today outlined a progressive economic agenda to reverse a 40 year decline of the american middle class and the growing gap between the very rich and everyone else in the united states, 14 things bernie sanders has said about socialism politico - sanders 73 has been preaching socialism for nearly half a century and he cites eugene debs the five time presidential candidate of the socialist party of america as his hero, where does bernie sanders stand on the issues - where does bernie sanders stand on the issues he s running for president to create jobs raise wages protect the environment and provide health care education for all, an economics lesson for bernie sanders hoover institution - no one can blame the idle musings of bernie sanders for this disappointing outcome his sloppy thinking is a symptom rather than a cause of our current malaise but i have little doubt that the constant political oversight in labor real estate and financial markets is a major reason why the economy is not growing, bernie sanders questions morality of us economy cnbc - sen bernie sanders i vt the issue we re dealing with is actually the struggle to rebuild american democracy sanders said in an interview at a capitol hill bistro