American Caesar Douglas Macarthur 1880 1964 -

american caesar douglas macarthur 1880 1964 william - american caesar douglas macarthur 1880 1964 william manchester on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers inspiring outrageous a thundering paradox of a man douglas macarthur one of only five men in history to have achieved the rank of general of the united states army he served in world wars i, douglas macarthur in world war ii wikipedia - general of the army douglas macarthur january 26 1880 april 5 1964 was an american general and field marshal of the philippine army he was a chief of staff of the united states army during the 1930s and played a prominent role in the pacific theater during world war ii he received the medal of honor for his service in the philippines campaign, douglas macarthur u s history com - douglas macarthur was born at the little rock barracks in arkansas where he began his life of discipline with the united states army his parents were civil war hero lt general arthur macarthur and mary pinkney hardy macarthur douglas would grow up to be a highly intelligent heroic egotistical and controversial five star general, douglas macarthur new world encyclopedia - douglas macarthur january 26 1880 april 5 1964 was one of america s greatest military leaders who was instrumental in defeating the japanese in world war ii and presided over the rebuilding of japan after the war he also played a critical role in preventing a communist takeover of the entire korean peninsula macarthur served in the u s army most of his life participating in three, douglas macarthur biography life children wife old - douglas macarthur was born in little rock arkansas on january 26 1880 the descendant of a long line of military men his father arthur macarthur was a well known general educated in a random fashion on the rugged western frontier posts douglas macarthur recalled i learned to ride and shoot, douglas macarthur wikip dia - douglas macarthur n le 26 janvier 1880 little rock en arkansas et mort le 5 avril 1964 washington dc est un g n ral am ricain et field marshal philippin il fut le chef d tat major de l arm e am ricaine durant les ann es 1930 et joua un r le pr pond rant sur le th tre pacifique de la seconde guerre mondiale il re ut la medal of honor pour son service durant la campagne, untitled www jamesmccusker com - shop the worlds largest online u s fdc inventory including inaugurals wwii patriotics and akron macons 103 043 items with full color images available